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Modern construction practice offers a great variety of possibilities. If You are lost when choosing technologies and solutions, we are ready to simply advise You and suggest the best option, regardless of who will implements Your ideas. In any case, our goal is Your qualitative and modern housing. 





Log House

Company NATURAL TECHNOLOGIES OF CONSTRUCTION  has gathered for decades of work the best Russian masters of logs felling. They not only skillfully handle elements of your future home, but they also elicit support of architectural design department of the company, which experts painstakingly create design and plan works, paying at the same time attention to the harmony of architectural aesthetics, which will bring you delight for many years of your life.

Massive Framework

Construction on the basis of frame structure made of timber or logs of large section meets without exception all preferences of modern man. Variety of styles of architecture, exterior solutions, possibility of applying all the myriad materials, from natural classic to high-tech, has gained popularity among homeowners. We offer you to pay attention to possibility to provide home with special energy efficiency, along with healthful microclimate, thanks to unique materials produced by our technologists.

Super Framework

Technological development of modern construction rightly gives rise to new needs, which are expressed in optimization of production planning, logistics and erection of house construction on site. NATURAL TECHNOLOGIES OF CONSTRUCTION comes up with useful innovations and has developed for you a beyond competition at the Russian market product-SUPER FRAME with the following features: speed of production, speed of erection, structure massiveness, price. A wide range of optional capabilities will also please the most discerning homeowner.

Special Projects

Despite the vast experience of the company team in the field of wooden house building, our business profile extends to other human friendly technologies. Having realized our vocation to creative construction, we are gladly sensitive to its call relishing the opportunity to implement it. The more difficult challenge we face the more healthy courage you can see in our eyes. Although, it is worth noting that for the sake of project design reliability, we won’t trespass the reality.

Alexey Martinov

The head of the Architecture and Design Department of the company.      

In distant 1990s began to directly learn the art of manual logs felling. As to himself, prefers the massive timber frame and minimalist Scandinavian style. Will find flaws in any project and bring it to perfection.